“It is said a tree without roots cannot stand”, Akan proverb

“The Ghana sun kissed her brown skin as she gazed up at the afternoon sky. A gust of wind danced past her and nature’s soothing vibrations enveloped her in a familiar embrace, one she had no way of remembering she missed until now.

In a euphoric daze, she wondered if this was a dream; she had been searching for this sensation her whole life. Suddenly, home rumbled deep in her gut, reminding her of the sanctuary she built inside herself.

She cradled her stomach as a realization dawned on her: this was the place she had searched relentlessly for.  

With flawless style and an imaginative wit like no other, she began to conjure passion projects that embolden: 

intricate journeys of reclamation;  an ancient creative economy; the sacred love affair between herself and Asaase Yaa, Mother Earth; planting seeds of freedom for future generations.

In these precious moments of growing and sowing, she became unabridged.”

 by Asiedua’s Imprint