Gold Plated

“I am a gorgeous woman. That’s not me being egotistical or narcissistic. It’s just a fact, I’m a knockout. I have confidence and je ne sais quoi. That is unmistakable. My pheromones and my chemistry and the way I walk—I am divine feminine energy.”      -Princess Nokia

I twitched my palm and a ball of light emerged.


I blinked tears onto the buds in my garden and all the flowers came into fruition.

25530130_10215079287044315_1672358245_nMy eyelash fell in the dirt and a dove appeared, picking up the eyelash in its beak and flying straight to the heavens

25555637_10215079287564328_2028467120_nI placed my bare feet inside a glass bowl of water; immediately bamboo plants began to grow. It wasn’t until then that I discovered my holiness.

25577282_10215079253843485_20709099_oSweet and savory like light soup and fufu with goat meat on a Sunday25520176_10215079280324147_1804671251_nTasty like aliguntugui fruit25577291_10215079290444400_1855392502_oRefreshing like a coconut.25551602_10215079289724382_1123220790_oEpic like the drop on your favorite hip hop song.


Self love, we in this thang foreva.


Where energy goes, progress flows


Water your garden and see it grow.

*Photos by SunkissedNation Productions

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