Styling in the City

Let’s get into this aesthetic shall we?

The rich red hues blend perfectly with the bright blues. Swirls of purple whisk around the stone defiantly and a bold pink shape that refuses to be boxed in encourages me to cherish my uniqueness. A painted heart reminds me to ‘keep my heart tender’. It’s a hot September day and I am

‘Styling. In. The. City.’


My looks always reflect my mood. I have too many to even count! This look showed exactly how I was feeling that day: flirty, confident, bright and ready to dance.

My blue crop shirt with long sleeves is serving goddess vibes. The red skirt whispers ‘dare to come closer’ and mirrors my passionate attitude. The black shoes with gold lined heels add bold details to the outfit and my ankle bracelets (made by me) remind you that this Queen is #UnapologeticallyAfrican. I am wearing an Iraqui belly dancing belt around my waist.  Ear cuffs, beads and gold embellishments adorn my crown.


My loctician Tay advised me about my hair– “it likes to be adorned with jewelry, just as you do. Add some beads and fun stuff in it so it can feel happy and fabulous”. And so I started adorning my hair and I have been in love with it ever since. Stop by Tay’s shop in West Philadelphia at 621 South 52nd Street.


Philadelphia boasts colorful graffiti throughout the city. It is one of the many things that make my city unique. When I saw this place I knew I had to shoot here. I love how the textures of the wood, brick and overgrown trees combine to create a layered set. The mix of bright and earth toned colors stand out and make the different dimensions of the paintings combined with the logs very unique.  Too popping.


As an international artist based in Philadelphia, I always find inspiration around the city, from experiencing the street music playing in the city or downtown to random dance sessions and free events. One of my favorite memories in Philly is going to the park, finding a group of men playing the drums and spontaneously dancing with the talking drum.  The city is full of artists and it is a privilege to make magic with them. Some of the Philly organizations I love to collaborate with are Vita Saana Martial Arts + Sciences, One Art Community Center and The Baobab Sentre just to name a few.


If you are ever in Philly take a moment to breathe in all of the art that surrounds the city. The graffiti is fading fast with the rise of gentrification but a picture is worth a thousand words, so capture the beauty while you can.


What is your must-have fashion item? Comment below!

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