Do You Trust Me?

Today I went to church in my grandfather’s village, Asikabew. I sat in a blue gye Nyame chair, occasionally glancing (in judgement) at the picture of white Jesus on the wall and then checking the time on the white Jesus clock mounted just above the pastors head. I am still learning Twi, so I caught the sermon in pieces. The message was about faith and trusting in God’s time. It resonated with me because patience and faith in the unknown is something I’m working on. Chale, the #synchronicity be serious! #Okurt The pastor urged us to take a moment and pray. So, I bowed my head & closed my eyes.

I began to go innnnnnn, confessing all the things that I was allowing to disrupt my peace and asking him/her/it to help me cope with uncomfortableness I felt about the future, how things would pan out in my life, etc. Sidenote— I overthink a lot. Werking on that.

Then I heard it. God said, in a calm, almost amused whisper—- “Don’t you trust me?”

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