Presenting ‘Journeys With Asiedua’ Vlogs!


I’m so grateful to have made it thus far. To still have breath. Many have perished due to COVID-19, and other pandemics that are less discussed. I hope everyone reading this is staying safe and continuing to fight the good fight. Like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said, ‘We face neither East nor West. We face forward.’

I’m so excited to invite you to explore Ghana living with me! In ‘Journeys with Asiedua’, I share my perspective on the blossoming creative economy in Ghana, culture stories, dance, entrepreneurship, repatriation advice and more! Get into this repatriate living!

In Ghana Vlog: Ep. 2, for example, audiences journey with me from ‘Sesa Sessions’ at Alliance Francaise in Accra Ghana to Osu, Accra and UniiqFM radio! You can watch the vlog here:

You can also visit my YouTube channel to explore more episodes here.

Kindly comment below if there are topics or events you would like me to cover in Ghana or about repatriate living.

Wishing you all the very best, and more writings on the way!

Until next time,


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