Presenting: The Return, a Short Film

The Return is a short film that explores a repatriation journey for people of the African diaspora.

This project, shot in Ghana, combines poetry, dance, music, historical memory and mythology in attempt to atone for the anguish of those who were captured and enslaved through the legacy of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade.

Watch the trailer here:

Thank you so much to God, my ancestors, the people who made this film possible and to you for joining me along this journey!

The Return features artistry from (IG Handles) :

@nukunuroyale @striving2see
@mhdrumz #SankofaProductions

Watch the premiere with me on Sunday, October 17th at 6pm EST on YouTube.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates!

Wishing you the best and talk to you soon,

Nana Ama

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