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These past four months have been exhilarating, shocking, and trying, to say the least. I thank God and my angels everyday for the endless amazing experiences, lessons and gifts. Since I moved back to Ghana, I have had several identity crises, made my singing and dance performance debut in my hometown of Aburi and finally started my second business (woo hoo!). Throughout my life, I’ve always been hyper sensitive to the feelings of others, which is not inherently bad. However, I realized that overtime, I had become lost in other people’s reflections of me and the true me, lil Nama boo, was trapped under the rubbish. I had given people and things the steering wheel to drive my life. It was time for me to shed some layers. This is my metamorphosis.

Throughout its lifetime, a butterfly goes through four stages of maturation/being. The metamorphosis consists of the egg, caterpillar, chrysalis or pupa, and adult.

During the first phase, the egg is laid on plants. In my first phase, I formed a closer relationship with greens and plant life. Eating foods out of the ground helped me to open my third eye and strengthen my intuition. I eliminated toxins from my body (alcohol, meat, dairy) for a while and it helped me communicate with God and spirit more clearly.

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In the caterpillar stage, the butterfly eats and sheds old skin so it can gain new ones. When I moved to my second phase, I ‘fed myself’ by honoring my needs. Like the caterpillar, I shed things, habits and associations that no longer served me. Embracing my journey as a student of life while also recognizing my power as an ordained child of God, healer and artist, is a balance that I am learning to traverse gracefully. I had to release self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that stemmed from low vibrating energies. I was struggling with anxiety because I was hearing myself but I wasn’t listening. I learned how to listen and trust my mind, body and spirit. If my body told me ‘I want food’, ‘I’m not comfortable’, or ‘this isn’t working’, I had to take positive action. I fed my mind with positive, uplifting thoughts. I fed my spirit with prayer and boundaries. I became bold enough to say ‘no’ , or ‘I don’t want that- I want this’– without guilt. Feeding my passions through actively cultivating my talents, honoring my needs and sticking by them helped me to grow my new skin. Beautiful, ain’t it?


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The chrysalis phase is the part where the butterfly forms a protective silk cocoon around itself. The cocoon allows it to protect itself, rest and change. In my chrysalis, I became friends with isolation, tuning out the noise so I could hear my higher self and allow my soul to speak clearly. I buried myself and allowed for big changes to manifest internally. I took a spiritual bath with warm water, lime and salt to cleanse. I journaled, meditated and prayed many times.


In the fourth cycle, the adult phase, the butterfly is full grown. It pumps blood into its wings and takes off, flying! This process of cleansing, grounding, re-centering and rejuvenation helped me to find clarity, balance and refocus on my passions. I am so blessed to be pouring myself back into my purpose. I started a dance team here in Nsawam called Scorpion Movement (check us out on instagram @ asieduas_imprint ) and am working on other art collaborations that uplift and empower creative entrepreneurship.

Breathing life into my visions and using imagination, proper planning and organization to diversify my income streams is a gift that keeps on giving. I thoroughly enjoy being myself unapologetically- a popping, international, Ghanaian American hood princess/ Fashion Killa/ Ghetto Glam Designer/Dancer/Singer/ to be continued. I could go on, but I am still living in the story so I will see you soon! Thanks for visiting, shop Asiedua’s Imprint products here !

2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. JG

    Glide Butterfly Glide. Feel the wind, let it be your ride. Soar Butterfly Soar. Knock down locked doors. Fly Butterfly Fly, Reach and strive high. Marvel in the freedom to FLY !!! Love you, Aunt Jocie


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